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Security breaches and cyber attacks cost businesses billions in lost revenue and recovery costs every year. New techniques emerge constantly—today’s defense mechanisms won’t prevent tomorrow’s attacks.

IT faces intense pressure to address the threats while also meeting compliance requirements. Taking on the challenge to ensure security and protect information requires investments in advanced technologies.

Due Diligence, Continuity of Operations, Forensic Accounting, Asset Protection

Every company doing business is at risk. Risk from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Risk from criminal activities or terrorist events. And most significant for many businesses, risk from investigations conducted by the government as a result of violation of rules, policies, laws and regulations for issues you may not even be aware of.

Through the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the USA PATRIOT Act, the federal government requires corporations to establish better controls, monitor transactions and be more accountable for violation of law. Businesses are victimized by terrorists and criminals and companies can be considered in violation of these laws. Such suspicion results in in-depth government investigations and other legal action. What are the consequences? In addition to being a victim, you can become a defendant if held in violation. Government inquiry can result in adverse publicity affecting stock price, customer and vendor behavior and employee morale. Executives can be held personally liable and subjected civil penalties and criminal prosecution. The risks to corporate and personal reputations – and finances – are unlimited. It is more cost-effective to be proactive than to have to spend millions of dollars reacting to government or shareholder charges.

Corporate Investigations

One unexpected investigation can taint your organization’s reputation or put you out of business forever. The Enron scandal, the Wal-Mart investigation, KPMG – are all cautionary tales for corporate executives. The government has shown that they will take civil and criminal action, and impose severe sanctions, including monetary penalties and imprisonment on companies and individuals.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has created a new era of enforced corporate transparency and responsibility for financial reporting and control. The government and the Securities and Exchange Commission have substantially increased their power and responsibility. With all this new scrutiny, it’s crucial to keep your business above reproach and out of harm’s way. Internal investigations minimize any possible impact or damage, plus they demonstrate responsibility and good will. Proactive compliance programs help avoid exposure and shows good citizenship. In the case of a government investigation, all of these actions can also aid in your defense.


  • Due Diligence
  • Proactive audits to aim at and maintain compliance with regulations
  • Employment/vendor screening and background checks
  • Financial reconciliations
  • Forensic data recovery
  • Comprehensive situational analysis with individually tailored solutions
  • Support audits of pension and benefit
  • Reactive investigations in response to internal discovery or externally driven audits by regulatory or law enforcement agencies
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act review
  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support
  • All investigations conducted by duly licensed private investigators
Employee Workplace Compliance & Enforcement

As an employer, you are responsible for making sure you only hire personnel legally qualified to work in this country. Failure to maintain these standards can critically impede or prevent your ability to continue to do business. The government is imposing huge fines and other sanctions on companies caught employing illegal aliens. In the future, there may be criminal penalties as well.

In one high-profile case, the employees themselves sued their employer, a situation that has already adversely impacted the company’s profile in the media Keep your roster clean shows good faith and due diligence, not only to the government but to the public. Additionally, this is not only an economic issue and a criminal issues, but also has a national and global security dimension. Since 2001, the federal government has directed a 60 percent increase in border security funding,* a clear sign that the government is taking the legal workforce very seriously. Knowing who you are hiring is critical to the security of your business.

You are further responsible for confirming the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided by all new hires, regardless of their position. Knowing about the past employment history, criminal convictions and contacts with the legal system of your new hires and suppliers will help protect your biggest asset, your firm’s reputation.

SES has the capacity to vet all applicants and persons you do business with on a global basis and confirm that there are no hidden issues that may have a negative impact on your organization.

*Source: Department of Homeland Security


  • Workforce Integrity
  • Visa Screening/Security
  • Document and credential Verification
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Immigration Violation Prevention
  • “Know Your Employee” Assistance
  • Search for negative history
Emergency Preparedness & Contingency Planning

A natural disaster, terrorist attack or other adverse event can cause death or injury, shut down your business, disrupt operations, cause physical or environmental damage, or threaten the organization’s financial standing or public image. Emergency management is dynamic process that requires ongoing adaptation and awareness. Planning, through critical, is not the only component. Training, conducting drills, testing equipment and coordinating activities with the community are other important functions.

With crisis planning, your business will recover much more rapidly from loss or damage. Your exposure to liability will be reduced, along with your insurance premiums. In addition, emergency preparedness facilitates compliance with regulatory requirement, enhances a company’s investment (ROI) may be the best investment you can ever make.


  • Proactive business protection and continuation of operation planning
  • Vulnerability assessment and disaster preparation strategy
  • Review current data, staff and facilities needs and allocations
  • Creation of on-going electronic data storage and backup policies
  • Assessment of business asset and interruption insurance
  • Development of emergency evacuation, health and welfare plans
  • Development of alternative delivery of service plans regardless of your industry
  • Training programs designed to seamlessly implement your contingency plans
  • Contacts with restoration service organizations

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